HMD Profile

Harish Malviya, The Founder and Principal Designer of the firm HM DESIGNZ, began as a very modest architectural and interior design firm. Gradually with time and every project accomplished, HMD evolved as leading firms redefining luxury in architecture and interiors by delivering bespoke projects across categories.

The firm’s design process is an interactive & collaborative one, promoting open and effective communication between team members and consultants. During the design process itself the clients are engaged and informed in making decisions to reach a consensus and proceed towards successful completion of the project.

We restrict ourselves in terms of the number of projects, to ensure that each project is developed with constant study, ample ideas, and design skills along with intense personal involvement in all parts of the design and construction.

It is with this responsibility that we take up projects and make our presence felt in the client’s lives through sensitivity, sensibility and creativity. We are overwhelmed when they put their faith in us and give us all the freedom required to create a space, which is unique in its design and precise in its functions.